New Business Cards

I got new business cards in ! I love them. I got them printer over at . I really like their offer because you can print more than 1 different kind of card in one order. So I ordered 50 business cards and have 7 different variations. I used all of my Thousand Point Perspective watercolor paintings of the iconic Toronto buildings. The quality is really nice and I love the way they feel. It’s a matte finish so that finger prints wouldn’t ruin the images. The colors are vibrant and the lines are nice and crisp. Very happy !

Yonge and Dundas Square North East Side. Watercolor

Yay it’s finished ! I really enjoyed this. For the first time ever, I added purple to it ! And i love the purple with the rest of the Colors. It just adds even more. Also, I left the ads with the base watercolor effect I do on the whole painting in the beginning. I usually lose that as I add more detail so it was nice to keep it and have it show. It also adds a nice contrast to the rest of the detailed building around them.

Can’t wait to start the next one.

Here is some detail shots , enjoy !

New reference photos for future watercolors

Just went to Yonge and Dundas square in Toronto on my lunch. Took some photos. Very excited to do these. I think they will look so good. Sooooo many Colors. It’s going to explode 😀

Here is my reference photos :

Yonge_Dundas_Square_01_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_02_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_03_small Yonge_Dundas_Square_04_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_05_Small

I plan on making a minimum of 3 paintings. And I want to be quiet large in size. But I think I will make 5 in total. I don’t want to waste any of these shots cause I know it will translate so well into my style with the watercolors.

Super excited !

P.S i am feeling so ill. I really hope it doesn’t last. I have paintings to make hahaha

Stretched Watercolor Canvas

For the longest time I taped my watercolors. But I always found the water and paper was too strong and the tape was never strong enough. My paper would always wrinkle and what not. I know I could buy watercolor blocks. But for bigger pieces what was I gonna do ? So I searched around on line and learned about stretching watercolor canvases.

Basically I take my sheet of watercolor paper. I soak it in the tub with water for 10-20 minutes  minimum. Then I take it out and I lay it down and then put a wooden panel on top of it. Then I stretch the paper like I would canvas to stretcher bars. I staple all the edges to the wood. And tada ! I then have a stretched watercolor canvas. I never worry about wrinkles anymore. I love it. I still use watercolor blocks but I use this method for larger pieces.

Step 1
Soak paper in tub full of water (cat not necessary)
Step 2
Place wood panel on center of water soaked paper
Step 3
Staple edges of paper to sides of wood panel
Step 4
Let paper dry. Now you have stretched watercolor canvas

Toronto Night Skyline Draft

Another Toronto skyline painting ! Yay hahaha. And yet I always enjoy it. And this time it won’t be so bluuuue ! This is a 9×12″ draft I made to make sure that the client is ok with what I plan on doing. If it is ok’d, then I will move on to the 40×60″ acrylic painting of it. It will be painted with palette knife only. Very excited 😁👍🏻 P.S this was made with gouache and pencil crayons.

Toronto Night Skyline Draft

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal Trimmed


Yay I finished the Grand Central Terminal watercolor painting. This was fun and different to make. I noticed I am very biased towards the color red on a regular so it was nice to become aware of this and do something in a more yellow/blue/green direction. I like how it turned out. It had some learning experiences for me. The red being accents. Planning it out better ahead of time. Looking forward to the next one.

Grand Central Terminal












Times Square

Times Square

Here is a watercolor painting of when I was in New York. Times square was beautiful and busy. There was always something to look at. And I am really pleased that with this painting, you are able to constantly be looking at something different. I really feel the busyness of Time Square is shown. This took a lot longer to paint than my other paintings cause there was so many different things to paint with different colors. It was awesome to do. I am so excited to start working on my next painting. It will be larger and not too sure what city I’m doing next. Keep you posted !

Enjoy some close ups of the painting below.

Times Square Detail 03
Times Square Detail 03
Times Square Detail 01
Times Square Detail 01
Times Square Detail 02
Times Square Detail 02