5 Rue de la Harpe

5 Rue De La Harpe Cut

Here is a painting I made of 5 Rue de la harpe when I was in Paris, France. I miss it and can’t wait to go back one day. One of my favorite cities.

Here is the painting and some detail shots.

5 Rue De La Harpe_Detail 01
5 Rue De La Harpe_Detail 01
5 Rue De La Harpe_Detail 02
5 Rue De La Harpe_Detail 03
5 Rue De La Harpe_Detail 04


New Etsy Store

Now you can buy my paintings, cards and postcards ! Just visit my Etsy account and see what is for sale. If you want anything custom, just send me a message with the detail and I can give you a quote.

Just click on the picture to be taken to my Etsy account

02 Traditional Watercolor

Sun Guardian

Was doodling in Photoshop and made a new character. It was fun to take some simple shapes and see where they could go. I liked the idea of the round circle balanced by some more straight edge lines with the legs. As for color pallet choice, I just wanted to try something warm. Took me a few hours on and off.

In one thumbnail you can see the process taken to achieve the final look. And in the second thumbnail is the final version.
Sun Guard Process

Sun Guard


November and December has been and still is really busy. Good busy, but busy. Trying to find time to work on some personal projects as well as everything else going on. I have started working on a new interior. Can’t wait to get it finished.

Zelda Themed Room

Zelda themed room

I didn’t want to make it look like a childrens room. More of a room that Link could have used with a twist of a modern feel to it with the sliding doors and furniture. It was fun trying to make little elements in the room inspired from one of my favourite games, Ocarina of Time.

Made in 3Ds Max and Photoshop.

Zelda Themed Room
Zelda Themed Room