Stretched Watercolor Canvas

For the longest time I taped my watercolors. But I always found the water and paper was too strong and the tape was never strong enough. My paper would always wrinkle and what not. I know I could buy watercolor blocks. But for bigger pieces what was I gonna do ? So I searched around on line and learned about stretching watercolor canvases.

Basically I take my sheet of watercolor paper. I soak it in the tub with water for 10-20 minutes  minimum. Then I take it out and I lay it down and then put a wooden panel on top of it. Then I stretch the paper like I would canvas to stretcher bars. I staple all the edges to the wood. And tada ! I then have a stretched watercolor canvas. I never worry about wrinkles anymore. I love it. I still use watercolor blocks but I use this method for larger pieces.

Step 1
Soak paper in tub full of water (cat not necessary)
Step 2
Place wood panel on center of water soaked paper
Step 3
Staple edges of paper to sides of wood panel
Step 4
Let paper dry. Now you have stretched watercolor canvas

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