New reference photos for future watercolors

Just went to Yonge and Dundas square in Toronto on my lunch. Took some photos. Very excited to do these. I think they will look so good. Sooooo many Colors. It’s going to explode 😀

Here is my reference photos :

Yonge_Dundas_Square_01_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_02_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_03_small Yonge_Dundas_Square_04_Small Yonge_Dundas_Square_05_Small

I plan on making a minimum of 3 paintings. And I want to be quiet large in size. But I think I will make 5 in total. I don’t want to waste any of these shots cause I know it will translate so well into my style with the watercolors.

Super excited !

P.S i am feeling so ill. I really hope it doesn’t last. I have paintings to make hahaha

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